Itality Group


Itality LTD specialises in sourcing and exporting goods from Italy (and Europe) to the world, placing special focus on emerging countries.

  • A modern international trading platform with local offices in Italy and in each country where we operate.
  • We are trained to trade in emerging countries with complex bureaucratic import procedures offering a 360-degree unique and unrivalled door to door service.
  • We source by large stocks or one piece at a time (dropshipping) so our clients don’t have to buy stock in advance, nor setup a warehouse.
  • We supply B2B wholesale market, E-commerce, on street stores, retail chains, or B2C market through our website ( and our local partners websites.
  • We are active in Asia and South East Asia and soon in the Middel East, Africa and South America.


We have the following projects up and running, and ready to start new ones:

Topbrand fashion
Current season Top brand fashion brands

We source current season of top fashion brands Made in Italy and Europe: Armani, Fendi, Gucci, D&G, Prada, Versace, Burberry, Celine, Givenchy, Golden Gus, Michael Kors, Saint Laurent.
It is a very fast high return market with very high demand and scarce stock. It usually proves challenging to have access to this market. The buyer competition is enormous. Our team constantly goes around Italy and Europe to find each single available piece. It requires continuous work of searching and an excellent network to be able to provide a considerable number of pieces.
We provide also bespoke product photos depending on the market and automatic connection to our inventory management software, so you can be sure to offer only what is available.
We are one of the few companies in this market that able to supply these goods on demand and have them delivered in any part of the world in 24/48hs, if required.

Previous season fashion brands with up to 90% discount

We source discounted high fashion brands clothes and fashion accessories up to 65-90% discount. These are last season remaining goods or overstocks and we source them directly from the factories or big retail chains. We deal with most of Italian and European brands: Armani, Byblos, Cavalli Class, Trussardi, Versace Jeans, Kenzo, among others.
This is a high margin market with Guaranteed return. It is convenient as it allows the retailer to beging with a low investment. These well-known brands at a discount attract loyal consumers.
We have clothes, bags, shoes, watches, accessories, cosmetics. (otherwise it’s redundant: coats are clothes, belts are accessories, fragrances are cosmetics.
The products are NEW and ORIGINAL. We give a certificate of origin and authenticity and the authorization to resell them. Our customer service takes care of everything, including eventual returns.
We update our stock daily. Visit our website:
For more information, see our brochure:

100% certified Made in Italy unique products

We source unique, authentic & affordable Italian design products made by Italian SME that guarantee top quality production. These are products made by expert hands that are able to deliver top quality goods. Many of them also produce for top brands.
We offer products that are not on the high street around the world and that you can find only in Italy. We select the suppliers carefully. We visit every single factory, ensuring the high quality of the product and 100% Made in Italy.
Our categories are homeware, gifts, small furniture, fashion and fashion accessories, but we are able to source any other type of product needed.
Our main focus are shops interested in buying Italian niche products. We also sell through our website We are ready to extend it to foreign market or link it to our client’s website.
An example of our supplier list and goods:
• Supplier list 2017-2018:
• Supplier list 2016:
• Supplier list 2015:

From the Italian Farmer (FIF)
Italian food section

We source high quality, genuine and price competitive Italian tin and fresh food with unlimited quantity, GMO free and totally traceable.
The project has been developed together with the biggest agriculture associations in Italy with over 2 millions members (suppliers). We will help them export the best of Italy utilizing modern information technology.
Our categories are: Pasta, Oil, Tomatoes, Cold cuts, Coffee, Chocolate and many other tinned products.
We can also provide very modern marketing tools, for example: an app that will allow the client to see where a product comes from, who & how it has been cultivated, its nutritional properties or how to cook it.
Our main focus is to serve supermarket chains. We provide them with:
– client label products at a very low price to compete with local branded products
– Made in Italy branded products that will allow the supermarket to create a special Made in Italy corner and increase the price (and added value).
Main presentation:
Special selection: